hi® Takes Care of You – And Your Partner.  The hi® massage system is a powerful way to bring excitement back to your sex life.  Its patented TriStim technology provides intense experiences for both men and women.

hi® gives couples a new way to bring back passion.  It includes easy-to-follow training programs on how to use by yourself and with a partner. These programs are the result of over 12 years of experience working with thousands of couples.  So you get the tools and the skills that will change your life.

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hi® is a professional grade massager, designed specifically to target women’s pelvic muscles in a unique patented way.  It also has specialized applications men love.

Women’s Health

hi® literally saved our relationship

I love the idea of this!

Dr. Travis Stork




From CBS’s “The Doctors”

Sensation in ways that nothing else has ever come close to

It gave me a continuous multiple orgasmic experience

hi® is a unique massager

John Kamp, MD

The abdominal pulsations of it awoke a part of my sexuality that I’d never previously felt.

While it’s easy to use, hi® opens a new world of experiences, and a new way of viewing health, relaxation and intimacy.

hi® is more than a ‘massager’ – it’s part of a total wellness system. It comes with fun and easy to learn programs to help women feel more comfortable with themselves, an amazing couples massage program, and a couples communication program.  Advanced classes are available as well through certified hi® instructors and at certified resorts.

Many people aren’t sure what to do with touching, massage and particularly how to share what they want physically.  hi® provides an easy to follow path to becoming a better massage partner, friend, and lover.

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hi® includes 3 training programs that address some of the fundamental challenges couples face.

Getting to know Yourself

Shows women how they can use hi® to relax during PMS, sore muscles, headaches, etc.  Equally importantly it encourages women to better discover their own bodies and become more comfortable with themselves.

Connecting with Your Partner

An easy to learn, fully clothed massage routine focusing on key pressure points that men and women find amazingly relaxing.  It follows with an (optional) pelvic massage routine that women love.  Since hi® is used clothed it allows women with possible body image issues to relax more deeply.

Couples Communication

Most couples never truly share what each other wants sexually.  This lighthearted question and answer program guides couples through practical ways to feel more secure expressing their needs.

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The method and related devices used by hi® are patented in the United States and Australia, and patent-pending in Canada and the European Union.

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