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Magazine & Online Articles Interviewing our Team & Instructors

hi® reviews in

Interview on the history of hi® with Steve McGough

Bustle interview on how to make sex better

Prevention magazine introduces “Intimacy Massage”

Women’s Health, Australia – Communicating with your partner about sex

Lola Magazine – Why don’t we take women’s pain seriously?

“The List” Interview on “What happens to your body during Sex”

Bustle Interview about “Intimacy Massage”

Interview in Readers Digest on Simple ways to improve your sex life

Prevention Interview on ways to say what you want sexually

MSN Interview – 47 ways to keep romance alive

Redbook interview on Female Ejaculation

Redbook interview on ways women can orgasm other than clitoral stimulation

Redbook interview on Anal Sex

CNBC interview on the truth about Aphrodisiacs 

Bustle Interview about questions to ask in each other in the bedroom

Bustle Interview about How long foreplay should last

Interview in UnboundBox about the G-Spot

Romper interview “How To Talk To Your Partner About Postpartum Sex”

Interview from Ask Men about women’s erogenous areas

Interview from Ask Men about why women sometimes don’t want sex

Interview in Ask Men about what the sexual positions they like say about them

Business Insider Interview “7 relationship experts share their single best piece of marriage advice”

Business Insider  – Sex therapists reveal 11 things that will make you better in bed

Bustle interview – How to Figure Out If Your Relationship Fears Are Rational Or Irrational

Bustle interview – Ways to get your heart back into a relationship

Bustle interview – How to avoid 11 common injuries during sex

Bustle interview “Women Experience Their Best Orgasms At 36, But Here’s How To Have A Better One At Any Age”

Bustle interview “11 Subtle Things To Watch Out For During Sex That Can Indicate A Failing Relationship”

Bustle interview “7 Questions Your Significant Other Should Be Asking You In The Bedroom”

Bustle interview “Sex Therapists talk about 11 things couples struggle with in bed”

Romper Interview “9 little things to do every day to improve intimacy”

5 comunes problemas sexuales y cómo arreglarlos

Stimuler cette partie de votre corps peut transformer votre vie sexuelle!

9 Fakten, die niemand in Sexualkunde lernt

‘Sướng rơn’ khi bấm vào những chỗ này trước khi ‘yêu’

Bustle interview about things you wish they taught in Sex Ed

Medical Daily – What Is A Dry Orgasm: ‘Fluidless’ Male Orgasms Linked To Infertility, Too Much Masturbation

Insider – Things that will make you better in bed

Mel Magazine – Men’s masturbation patterns as they age

Stimulate that part of your body can transform your sex life!

Women’s Health – Ear massage for Intimacy

LivingPaleo interview on ways to communicate with your partner

LivingPaleo interview on tips to increase intimacy

The Culture Trip – “It’s the end of sex as we know it”

Interview in Experteer on sex at work

Italian Redbook interview on ways women can achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation

Interview of Steve McGough on intimacy by Rev. Jody Bailey

Greek interview on sex techniques  Τι λέει η αγαπημένη της στάση στο σεξ για εκείνη

Interview in about Marriage tips

Interview in BestSeller about Marriage tips

“The Cheat Sheet” Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Spanish interview of Steve McGough in Ask Men about implications of women’s sexual positions

Cómo conseguir lo que quieres en la cama sin dañar el ego de tu pareja

Interview in Greece about Sex positions:  ΤΙ ΛΕΕΙ Η ΑΓΑΠΗΜΕΝΗ ΤΗΣ ΣΤΑΣΗ ΣΤΟ ΣΕΞ ΓΙΑ ΕΚΕΙΝΗ

Interview in “Best Life” on reasons the Fall season is great for romance

Spanish MSN interview on tips for romance


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hi® instructor articles

Many people have asked for more information than the articles provided, so we’ll be providing answer here, plus other topics of interest.


Weinstein and the Elephant

Weinstein and the Elephant

What do the Harvey Weinstein allegations have to do with an Elephant? More than you might think - at least a metaphorical Elephant.   Lately, there has been a lot of very important discussions about sexual harassment and assault.  I sincerely thank the brave...

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How To Use Massage To Have Better Sex

How To Use Massage To Have Better Sex

Bibi Dietz interviewed me for Bustle Magazine on massage techniques for enhanced intimacy & connection.... before sex in this article:  "How To Use Massage To Have Better Sex" This is a key area of research here at Women & Couples Wellness.  I'll be posting a...

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Do aphrodisiacs work?

Do aphrodisiacs work?

Melissa Kravitz asked me a few questions for & CNBC if aphrodisiacs actually worked in her article:  "Do aphrodisiacs work? The truth about foods like oysters and chocolate" But they didn't print the things I told them that did really help - like Maca...

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