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Take relaxation and intimacy to the next level

hi® completely revolutionizes women’s relaxation, and sexual wellness.  But that’s just the beginning.  These revolutionary classes show you new ways to use hi® to help relax & deal with stress, as well as for couples relationship enhancement.

You don't know what you're missing

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Classes are taught by certified hi® instructors

at authorized resort and spa locations.

Core classes:

Couples Massage


Help her completely relax, and if she wants, enjoy multiple orgasms.

Are you ready to revolutionize your love life?

Getting to Know Yourself


What if you were comfortable truly being who you are?

This “women’s only” class introduces you to hi® and what life has to offer.

Women's Wellness

Are you comfortable talking to your partner or

doctor about your feminine health?

Sensual Meditation

Discover the emotional and wellness benefits of

Eastern Sexual practices, without taking years to learn.

Orgasm 101


We’re at the beginning of the “Second” Sexual Revolution.

What does this mean for you?

Helping her feel AMAZING


Want to make her feel totally cared for. . .

and swear you have Super Powers?

Designed by Clinical Sexologists, classes condense 40 years of experience with massage into a highly effective session that is fully clothed. These programs are different from anything you’ve ever experienced.

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The program is approved by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and the American College of Sexologists.

hi® Certified Instructor training is approved as a continuing education credit within the American College of Sexologists.

Just like the product – hi® training classes are completely unique.

What makes these classes different is that since hi® is used fully clothed, techniques can be demonstrated and practiced by students live in class.

Other classes dealing with sexuality are either just “theory” or in a rare cases you have to get unclothed. Learning “theory” often doesn’t give you practical skills you can use that day. In most cases you get a list of steps and goals that you can only try later.

While training on classes in the nude can be effective, most women aren’t comfortable taking their clothes off in front of a crowd. This limits both the participants, and where classes can be held.

hi® allows women to experience a whole range of benefits from wellness to sensual relaxation, to intense orgasm fully clothed. Our classes are hands on, intensive, and focus on highly effective but easy to learn techniques.

All classes are designed so you leave with a new set of skills you already can apply and practice. Plus our unique approach helps women and couples learn to be more comfortable talking about these areas.

hi® programs are taught at certifed Resorts

Learn how to use hi® and take advanced programs in amazing, very private locations

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Class Details:

Couples Massage – Level 1

This easy to learn routine targets pressure points in a specific pattern that completely relaxes women – and if they want they can also have multiple orgasms, (fully clothed). It works amazingly well for people with very busy schedules and little time.  Originally created from research into different nerve stimulation patterns that might help anorgasmic women (women who can’t achieve orgasm) – women in general find it profoundly relaxing, and stimulating. . . to put it mildly.

Getting to Know Yourself

How would your life be different if you felt comfortable truly expressing your needs?

This ground breaking “women only” program shows women how to use hi® for relaxation and intimate purposes.  It goes much farther though in helping women accept and be able to communicate their own needs – without embarrassment.  Women’s personal sexuality and libido is often one of the most repressed areas in our culture.  Once you accept this it’s often easy to look at other areas.

Women's Wellness

This eye opening, highly informative seminar reviews various issues women deal with at different times in their lives, and demonstrates how hi® can be used to help relax when dealing with these challenges.  Most importantly it reviews ways to feel more comfortable talking with your partner health care providers about your feminine health.

Topics include*: PMS, headaches, sleep, menopausal issues, urinary incontinence, post c-section & post pregnancy recovery, hysterectomy (& pelvic surgery), pelvic floor pain (vaginismus, vulvodynia), plus helping partners reconnect and rediscover intimacy. Ongoing research is presented on helping victims of female genital mutilation (clitoral circumcision).

Sensual Meditation

Couples massage – Level 2

Sensual Meditation takes connection and intimacy to a new level.  After couples have completed the first massage level this advanced class takes you to the next level.  It shows easy to learn techniques that offer emotional and wellness benefits of eastern sexual practices, without taking years to learn.   This is done using breathing and focus techniques while couples embrace and the women’s partner uses hi® on her.

Accepting yourself, accepting your sexuality: Orgasm 101

We’re at the beginning of the “Second” Sexual Revolution, but what does this mean for you?

This disturbing and sometimes hilarious seminar discusses how women’s rights have been addressed historically, and up to current times.  It touches on women’s rights for expression, control of our bodies, and status in society.  We then address the last “taboo” – our right to express our own personal and sexual needs?  Why is desire for sexual expression so embarrassing for most women?  Where did we learn this and who enforces the “rules”.

The class discusses ways you can communicate and feel better expressing and accepting your own needs, both personally and with others.  This open sharing and discussion of intimacy empowers us to feel more confident in expressing our own needs and concerns.

Helping Women feel amazing

Want to make your partner feel totally cared for?

This program helps women’s partners better understand themselves, and learn ways to help women feel amazing.  Women’s partners learn how to perform the hi® massage routine on the woman or a volunteer who has agreed to participate.  It goes on to show practical ways to support your partner to feel good about herself, her body, and enjoy life more.  The better they understand women’s needs, and how to talk about them, the better their relationships will become.  Every woman is amazing and unique.  This is the first step in a journey with her as she becomes who she truly is – as you become who you truly are.  For partners, many women say learning these skills give you “super powers”.

* Please note that hi®  is solely for relaxation and wellness purposes. It is a unique patented combination of massage devices that have been used by the public for decades. hi® has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No medical claims are being made. The hi® product, and or any any statements made by this site as well as any associated video, audio, or written content therein, are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.  hi® and its related training programs are not intended as medical advice, or to replace the guidance from a qualified health care professional. This site and all associated content, and products are intended to help share knowledge about wellness and relaxation approaches. Visitors and customers with any medical or health related concerns are encouraged contact a qualified health care professional.

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The method and related devices used by hi® are patented in the United States and Australia, and patent pending in Canada and the European Union.

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