Melissa Kravitz asked me a few questions for & CNBC if aphrodisiacs actually worked in her article:  “Do aphrodisiacs work? The truth about foods like oysters and chocolate”

But they didn’t print the things I told them that did really help – like Maca & other herbal supplements.  I’ll soon post recipe’s & methods that will definitely get your & your partners attention….

I’ll soon post my recipe / method where the lady is blindfolded and gets 5 “shots” (each separated by a sip of sparkling water) of different mixtures (that don’t have alcohol) & her partner uses a feather to tickle her ears & neck in a specific sequence.

Each “shot” is either a natural (legal) stimulate or has an effect that stimulates the vagus nerve in a specific way that when combined with proper use of the feather has interesting results…. Happy Valentines