Enjoy Life More – Affiliate Plan


Our goal is to transform the lives of 30 million people by 2030.


Enjoy Life More is a fun way to make friends, create financial rewards, and take your life to a new level.  Register here to become an affiliate.



It’s more than a business opportunity, it’s a way to transform your life.  The program literally teaches you practical ways to “Enjoy Life More”.

Each day begins with a simple but powerful technique that helps you focus on enjoying and making the most of your day. Then you get a single daily goal. We know you’re busy, so each goal is designed to easily fit into your schedule.  A support group of online friends touch base with you to help make sure you’re on track.

Goals are set up in a way that build on each other. This process quickly develops momentum and empowers you to create lasting changes in your life, because these goals become habits. As your life transforms, your friends will naturally want to know what’s happening. By sharing it with your friends, you can earn ongoing financial rewards.

Enjoy Life More is free to join – and for the basic commission level, there’s no monthly sales or purchase requirements.  Click here to register.

You don’t have to keep any inventory or buy any sales materials. The only requirement to become an affiliate is that you take our free affiliate training program and agree to our code of ethics and terms.

To stay in the affiliate program, you have to participate in a free online training class at least once every month and then share it with your friends. This is usually a short video.

When you start, you receive basic level commissions for any sales you refer. You just let people know about our products, services, and training programs. Everything is automatically shipped to them, and you receive a commission.

Making one sale each month causes you to go to the Intermediate level – where your commission doubles. Then when you reach the Advanced level, your commission is four times the basic rate!

PLUS, you can refer others to the program and they can become affiliates under you. When they make a sale, you receive a bonus of 50% on their commission amount. Then, as they sign up affiliates under them, you also get a 25% bonus on their commission for their sales. You can have an unlimited number of affiliates under you.


Sign up for the Enjoy Life More program here.  What are you waiting for, it’s free!


Why we’re doing it this way?

Enjoy Life More was created to give people who had little time, an easy way to improve their quality of life and empower them financially. We also wanted everyone to be able to afford it, which is why it’s free to join and participate in the basic program. We also offer amazing educational programs and products that people can purchase. But you can participate at the basic program without ever buying anything.

We created the program with 2 affiliate levels for specific reasons. First, we wanted it to be very clear and simple. Plus a key goal of the program is to form social networks that help each other grow together.

The person who recruited you keeps in touch on a regular basis to help you stay motivated and inspired. The system has easy tools that allow them to automate sending messages and follow up. This not only helps you increase sales, it, more importantly, inspires you to stay on track with your own personal goals.

Since the steps in the program are easy and fun, people look forward to doing them. But it’s great having a supportive mentor and friends helping you stay on track. Multiple studies have shown that people who are accountable to supportive friends are dramatically more likely to achieve their goals.

Your mentor not only benefits from the experience knowing they’re helping you – odds are it will improve your sales which provides them larger bonuses. They’ll also help you become a better mentor for your affiliates.

Each team forms their own support group and “mastermind”. This can be very powerful for both sales and for achieving your personal goals.

This benefits your mentor financially because they both receive bonuses based on your sales commissions, and when you advance to the next level they get a larger bonus based on your commissions.

Each month everyone starts at the basic level, but making just one sale or referring three friends to be affiliates will double your commission on the next sales for the month. If you make it to the advanced level, your commission is FOUR times the basic rate. This also increases the bonus your recruiter makes because it’s based on your sales commissions.

Plus as we mentioned, you’ll make a bonus on your affiliates sales, and the sales of affiliates under them. So by keeping them inspired and feeling good, they’ll pay it forward to their contacts.

This motivates everyone to both reach more people and continue to grow themselves.


How you earn commissions:

Each month you start over at the Basic Level, but it’s easy to quickly advance. This keeps people motivated to continue the program and stay in touch with and inspire the affiliates they recruit.

However – if you sell a product that auto-renews each month (like many training programs), you’ll automatically stay at the higher level as long as it continues.


Basic – 5% commission on all sales

Monthly requirements:
Listen to or take one of the free motivational programs each month and share your experiences about it on social media with your friends.


Intermediate – 10% commission on all sales

Monthly requirements:
Complete at least $9.95 in sales (1 monthly training plan, or higher)
– or –
Recruit 3 people under you as new affiliates (just like for you, there is never a charge to join and become an affiliate)


Advanced – 20% commission on all sales

Monthly requirements:
Sell at least $29.85 in sales (3 monthly training plans)
– or –
Recruit 10 people under you as new affiliates. Just like for you, there is never a charge to join and become an affiliate.

For customers you have sold ongoing monthly renewing subscriptions to our training plans, you get recurring commissions as long as they continue to purchase them. So just stay in touch with your customers and affiliates to keep them motivated. Then it’s easy to stay at the Advanced commission.


How you earn bonuses from your affiliates commissions:

You can have an unlimited number of affiliates in the first level under you. Each affiliate you recruit can have an unlimited number of affiliates under them, which are your level two affiliates. Again, we made it only two levels because we want you to know and be a positive influence on all those people on your team.

You make bonuses based on what affiliates on the level one and two under you earn. In other words, you make a bonus that is a percentage of what their commission is.

Their commission can change depending on if they are at the Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced affiliate status. This way if your affiliate is in the Intermediate status when they make a sale, you get a bonus that is two times more than the Basic status.

Your bonus would be four times more on your affiliate sales – if they are in the Advanced status. This motivates you to keep in touch with them and keep them inspired.


These are the commissions you can earn on affiliates under you.

You earn a 50% bonus on your first level affiliates commissions. These are people you recruit directly under you.

You earn a 25% bonus on your second level affiliates commissions. These are people who are under the people you recruited.

Sign up for the Enjoy Life More program here.  What are you waiting for, it’s free!