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I’ve experienced hi® myself and witnessed other women using it.hi® was very different in that it gave me a continuous multiple orgasmic experience, which I have not experienced “continuity” and “multiplicity” at the same time before, it’s liberating! Also other women I observed using hi® were amazed at the speed they achieved orgasm – within minutes – and they were fully clothed.”
Dr. Ivy Yung, DHS

“As a Clinical Sexologist I’m always interested in new technology and advances in sexual health programs. When it comes to trying new devices, and being from a scientific background, I will only recommend something to my clients that I’ve had a positive personal experience with, as well as understand the multitude of ways the device can be utilized. My personal declaration is that it provides stimulation sensation in ways that nothing else has ever come close to reproducing. So many physical areas are being stimulated, as well as a deep body sensation of pleasure, that orgasm is impossible to avoid. I have also witnessed a dozen or more women, in a public forum which is not easy, experience orgasms in a few minutes time, much to their surprise. As a clinician I have clients who are post hysterectomy who have great difficulty reaching orgasm, and the hi® has proven itself the top contender in moving the vibration deep enough for the women to experience very satisfying orgasms leading to more gratifying P/V or P/A sex. I can see so many uses for this technology and know it will change the sexual health and sense of well-being for womenkind, and therefore, for mankind.”
Nancy Sutton Pierce, DHS, RN

“As a radiologist specializing in breast cancer diagnosis, I was usually the first person to give a woman the bad news that she might have cancer. So after retiring I decided to help women in their recovery phase after treatment. Usually recovery of sexual functioning is set on the back burner for a year or two due to body image issues and low desire. Massages, however, are easy to perform, and various types of internal and external vibrators are available for use in the pelvic area. The hi® is a unique massager in that it can be used while fully clothed and requires no massage oil. It’s design also allows a very sensual pelvic massage that is entirely external, and easy to use alone or with a partner. It provides deep and superficial stimulation simultaneously to multiple erogenous zones, that might help keep those sensory pathways functioning during recovery from surgery and while undergoing chemotherapy or using hormone blockers. It would be interesting to have a preliminary clinical study on cancer patients to see if it indeed is therapeutic.”
John Kamp, MD

“My experience with hi® was fantastic. The abdominal pulsations of the toy awoke a part of my sexuality that I’d never previously felt. I was fully clothed and sitting in front of a lecture hall filled with other sexologists when I volunteered for the live demonstration. Imagine my surprise when I felt powerful waves of orgasm flooding me in front of my colleagues. My chest flushed, I gasped, my head fell back. I will use this toy extensively in my practice with sexless couples. It opens sexual response in an otherwise sexually shutdown woman without the vulnerability of exposure.” Author “Too Busy to Get Busy: How to Fix Your (Almost) Sexless Relationship” (2016)
Jane Guyn, PhD, RN

“Being a sexologist I am naturally skeptical of anything making claims such as hi® has. The only way I felt I could ever give my endorsement is having tried it myself. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use and by the pleasure it was able to induce. This is a perfect, non-invasive way, for female bodied people (partnered or not) to explore their sexuality. I can see how this may be utilized not only for personal pleasure for the seasoned orgasmic person, but also for one seeking to explore ways of pleasure for the first time.”
Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook

Clinical Sexologist, Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook

“I have used the hi® vibrator and I would recommend it to couples. It provides a great full body massage for both men and women that penetrates beneath the surface of the skin. In addition it can also stimulate orgasm in women, used over the clothes. Sharing a massage and even orgasm as part of an intimate encounter can deepen intimacy. And it feels great!”
Kelly Rees, Certified Sexologist

The best recommendation I can give is a quote from one of the women who tested “hi™” at a recent graduate lecture here at the IASHS.

Julie said,  “Now I have something that gives me complete control of my orgasm whenever I want – and that is the biggest freedom I’ve found.

It’s freedom for me to be the sexual person I want to be, when I want to be.”

Dr. Ted McIlvenna M.Div, PhD., DACS, ABS.

President IASHS, Executive director American College of Sexologists, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

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