Live hi® Internet Training

Over the past 10 years of researching hi®, we have spoken with several thousand women and couples.  During this time, we’ve repeatedly seen couples have similar challenges – that over time hurt their sex lives.  The good news is that many of these challenges can be resolved by learning a few simple skills. 

This class series will help you master hi® massage techniques – and beyond that, teach you these skills so you can improve and enhance your relationship.  hi® is a tool that amplifies your ability to take care of each other.  Learning these techniques will take your quality of life to a new level.

When you complete the training you will be able to:

  • Give an amazing full body hi® massage
  • Give hi® pelvic massages that your partner will LOVE
  • Better read how your partner responds to touch via our 7 step hand massage
  • Use Intimacy massage to discover new a new world of sensual experiences with your partner, and yourself
  • Use hi® meditation (high-intensity meditation) to quickly relax and clear your mind, any time you need to.
  • Use key skills in “the fundamentals” that will profoundly improve your relationship, and your sex life.
  • Apply techniques to sleep better, deeper, and fall asleep when you need to
  • Learn how to deal with differences in sex drive in partners, as well as things to increase sex drive
  • Go on a special date,  where you learn new ways to communicate, and possibly feel like you just met
  • Take your communication and connection far deeper to discover more about what you truly want sexually, and have a dear friend to share the experience.


Please note that this interactive training series focuses on both couple’s massage and self-massage for individuals.  However, this outline mainly focuses on couples’ techniques.  We will launch a program just for self-massage in the near future.

Once you learn how to use hi®, it’s absolutely amazing for sexual stimulation.  But we want you to realize hi® also helps with areas that span into wellness.  The original purpose of hi® was for helping women’s pelvic floor muscles, which it is optimized for.  But it’s also a professional-grade massager, that can also be used for full body massage. 

A goal of these classes is to teach you how wellness “touch” and sexual touch can be part of the same spectrum.  The critical area is for both partners to understand and be aware of what their intentions are, communicate clearly, and respect each other’s wishes.  We’ll cover this in detail, and if you apply these skills, it will revolutionize your sex life.

Sometimes people don’t understand why we teach relaxation and general massage techniques side by side with intimate techniques.  It’s because reducing stress is an important part of feeling well – which makes it more likely to be in the mood for intimate activity.  That being said, the methods you’ll learn come from over 10 years studying anorgasmia (inability to have an orgasm) in women.  These techniques are profoundly relaxing – and specifically designed in a pattern to help increase the chances of becoming aroused.  So while some parts of the program seem more wellness related, they all will benefit your sex life either directly, or indirectly.

Weekly classes typically have an introduction to basic ideas, then the specific lesson.  Frequently we’ll have expert guest speakers teach a mini-lesson at the end.  Each lesson has just a few techniques.  Once you practice them a few times it will become automatic. 


We encourage everyone to have their hi® there and practice along with us. 


Once you have this as a skill, it will allow you to care for yourself and your partner in new ways.

Each class covers both couple’s techniques and applications for self-massage.  Later we’ll have 2 separate programs, one for self-massage and one for couples.

To attend the classes go to at 4 PM (EST) for each event!

Enter the password you were sent in the email for hi® customers.  (These events are just for hi® customers)

When you join the online meeting you’ll have the option of turning on your camera & microphone. That way you can ask questions in real-time. Or if you prefer to remain anonymous, don’t turn on your camera/mic & just ask questions via the chat window. You aren’t identified unless you put your name in the chat window – so feel free to ask any questions you’re curious about.

We’ll be recording this session also so if you miss it you can watch it later. We’re adding the videos to the training section at (for hi®​ customers).  Please note that if for some reason the event time or day changes we will email all hi® customers who signed up to receive updates from our training system.


Below are overviews of the classes

Some classes give an overview at a high, level while others focus on specific areas.  Don’t let the high-level classes overwhelm you, we cover everything in detail in the classes focused on each area.  Once you practice the techniques a few times it’s really easy.


The hi® full body massage routine

This class is an overview of all the hi® techniques in a 20-minute sequence.  Most people after just 20 minutes feel like they got an intense full body massage for over an hour or longer.  This class quickly goes through each technique on the different areas of the body.  Don’t let this class overwhelm you though.  We’ll cover each body part area in separate classes focusing just on that topic.


Neck & Shoulder massage

This goes into depth on hi® techniques for the neck and shoulder areas.

  • Couples – seated & laying on stomach
  • Seated self-massage for individuals


Arm & hand massage

This goes into depth on hi® techniques for massaging the hands and arms.

  • Couples seated
  • Individual seated self-massage


Back massage

This goes into depth on hi® techniques for back massage.

  • Couples – seated & laying on stomach
  • Individual seated self-massage


Foot Massage

This goes into depth on hi® techniques for foot massage.

  • For couples – seated & laying on stomach
  • Individual seated self-massage


Thigh & rear Massage

This goes into depth on hi® techniques for massaging the thighs, and buttocks.

  • For couples – seated & laying on stomach
  • Individual seated self-massage


Ear, neck & chest massage (with the vibe guide)

This goes into depth on hi® techniques for using the vibe guide to stimulate the areas where the vagus nerve is close to the skin.  These areas are usually considered the “erogenous zones” people kiss.  We show you how to take this to a new level.

  • For couples – seated & laying on back
  • Individual seated or laying on back self-massage


Abdominal massage

This goes into depth on hi® techniques to relax the abdomen.

  • For couples – laying on back
  • Individual seated or laying on back self-massage
  • *Specific techniques that may help with PMS/Cramping


Leg, calf & shin massage

This goes into depth on hi® techniques for the legs, calves, and shins.

  • For couples – laying on back
  • Individual seated self-massage


Pelvic Massage

This goes into depth on hi® techniques for women’s pelvic massage.  It covers the lower abdominal massage, upper pelvic massage, middle pelvic massage, plus ways to massage the pelvic floor from behind.

  • For couples – seated, laying on back & standing
  • Individual seated self-massage



Hand Massage

This class doesn’t use the hi® massager.  It is the first step into a better understanding of how to read your partner’s reactions to touch.  While this may seem obvious, many people (particularly men)  These “basic” skills will be the foundation of the next steps.  7 hand massage techniques that feel really good


Intimacy Massage

This class doesn’t use the hi® massager.  This technique came from Steve’s graduate research on helping women with anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm).  It builds on Masters and Johnson’s “Sensate Focus” technique.  Intimacy Massage takes the core principles of “Sensate Focus” and applies them in a sequence that follows where certain nerves are stimulated in a way that can dramatically enhance your sexual experience.   Frequently when this technique is done on men it opens up a new world of sensations they haven’t experienced before.


hi® meditation for stress and relaxation

This class doesn’t use the hi® massager.

  • This isn’t your normal “meditation” – it’s an easy to do physical process Steve developed after over 40 years studying martial arts & meditation.
  • Why this is important for sexual health & enjoying a massage more
  • Background
  • How it works
  • Safety areas
  • The routine


The fundamentals

This class doesn’t use the hi® massager.  Over the past decade of research, we’ve spoken with several thousand women, and couples.  During this time, we’ve repeatedly seen couples have similar key challenges.  This class teaches skills that can help address these issues.  Many people have said these skills totally transformed their relationship.  

  • A wider view of health and sexuality
  • Taking a more clear look at communication, and consent.
  • Accepting and honoring your partner’s needs, and accepting that needs can change dynamically.
  • Understanding how “touch” is defined in our culture – and put in 2 separate areas.  This ranges from “medical, or therapy type non-sexual” – to “sexual” touch.
  • Why it’s important to understand this in relationships.
  • Exploring how each partner’s “intention” can change during situations, from just a shoulder rub to wanting sex.
  • Why it’s so important to honor your partner’s wishes – and be honest with each other about what’s going on at the moment.
  • Understanding communication mismatches about intimate needs.  Ways to be comfortable and – CLEAR – about expressing when you’re in the mood.  This is one of the key challenges we see – and it’s very easy to resolve.
  • Dealing with differences in partners libido.  The analogy of helping a partner with a sore neck.
  • Exploring hidden/unconscious beliefs about sexuality and how that affects us today.
  • What exactly does “SEX” mean anyway?  What is “romantic sex” vs “sex”?  Looking at how we can unconsciously have rules and beliefs we don’t even realize.
  • What exactly does “LOVE” mean anyway?
  • Why it’s important for each partner to make sure they are on the same page about this.  For example, English just has one word for “love”.  Then it’s referenced in contexts to situations.  Meanwhile Greek has 6 unique words for these emotions:  Eros (sexual passion), Philia (deep friendship), Ludus (playful love), Agape (spiritual love, or for everyone), Pragma (duty-bound or longstanding love), Philautia (love of the self).
  • How to apply a new understanding of what sex and love mean to your relationship.  This is important because we’ve repeatedly seen couples often have very different ideas for what those areas mean – but not realize they aren’t on the same page.


Sleep 101

This class doesn’t use the hi® massager.  Unless we’re having a problem sleeping, most people don’t realize just how important sleep is for our health and sex drive.  Lack of sleep also affects men and women differently.

  • Why is improving your sleep included?  Because it directly affects your libido.
  • We share some practical skills and routines that can improve your quality of sleep.
  • How sleep apnea is not only a serious risk for our health, in men it often causes erectile dysfunction.


Sex Drive 101

This class doesn’t use the hi® massager.  Our sex lives are a vitally important part of our relationship.  Mismatches in libido or changes in our sex drive are common as couples age.  This class covers many concepts and easy to learn skills that can help couples renew their sex lives. 

  • The difference between arousal and desire.
  • Different physical and mental aspects of our sex drive (physical, mentally erotic, emotional connection, spiritual)
  • Getting past the lies we have been taught about how we “should” look.
  • Ways to accept our bodies and selves as we are.
  • Getting past the trap of defining what is sexy by what mass media says it is
  • What if your libidos don’t match? We cover practical ways to address this challenge from the female and male perspective.
  • Ways to enhance our libido physically.
  • Ways to enhance our libido mentally.
  • Dealing with sexual health challenges, including erectile dysfunction, vulvodynia, vaginismus, etc.
  • Ways to rediscover each other for enhanced sexual pleasure
  • Ways to be comfortable and – CLEAR – about expressing when you’re in the mood.  This is one of the main challenges we see – and it’s very easy to resolve.


Couples Communication Part 1 – “Date Night Fun”

This class doesn’t use the hi® massager.  This is the first part of the communication program.  If you take the time to go on a “Date Night” – you’ll have a lot of fun, while learning things about each other you may have never known.

  • We share the steps to take for having a truly fun, exciting, and sexy date – where you connect on a deeper level.
  • How we communicate and how slight changes can make a huge difference in how we “feel”.
  • How the unconscious roles we often have can cause challenges in relationships.


Couples Communication Part 2 – “Really getting to know each other”

This class doesn’t use the hi® massager.  This class helps couple explore their relationship and sexual interests a much deeper level 

  • Ways to be able to be more open and honest with each other about what you truly want and need.
  • Fun games that introduce safe ways to become more honest with each other if you want to “take a walk on the wild side”
  • Following up with how we communicate can profoundly impact how we feel “love”, happiness, anger, etc.


Creating an amazing SPA in your home

This class doesn’t use the hi® massager.  But it setups a location where you will use it.  This simple how-to program shows you ways to create your own “SPA” that you can then treat each other, or friends to amazing experiences.

  • While it’s great going to a SPA to relax, it’s also very easy and much less expensive to set up a location at your home.  This can give you an easy way to have a great “date night” at home.
  • Key requirements
  • Getting what you need
  • Setting it up
  • Making sure to use it – for both partners