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hi® is a professional-grade massage system – similar to high-end sports massagers. Originally created for women’s health research – it also can give women some of the most intense orgasms of their lives. Plus it can be used for a full body massage to relax. Use it alone, with your partner, or be the most popular person at events!

hi® is bundled with our introductory level 1 online training programs, so you not only have an amazing new way to enjoy life, you have ongoing access to how women and couples can best use it.

Use Coupon Code Kasidie to save $50 more dollars!

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The hi® massager is an amazing massage, it’s really good for your shoulders and back… But that’s not what this beautiful piece of technology is for. The fact that you can give a woman an orgasm with jeans on is fucking incredible! Ladies overthink things a lot less after they’ve had an orgasm or two and if you’ve given them that without them even having to take their clothes off, they are in! Worth every penny.

Angie and J – Average Swingers Podcast


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