Sound Reduction Head Covers

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A major advance for the hi® Massage System!

hi® was created to be as powerful as possible for deep tissue massage over clothing. So the original percussive head covers were designed to rise slightly up above the lower gasket when fully extended.  A side effect of this was the percussive head covers would make a “clapping” sound each time they came back down, which increased the sound it made.  The main request from customers was if we could make it quieter. We looked at many options but wanted to find a solution that worked with original hi® massagers.

So we’re delighted to announce a new percussive head cover design that is up to 60% quieter!

This new design also closes the gap so it can be used more easily for male wellness applications, plus other areas close to skin folds.

This new headcover design will be included on all new hi® massage systems.

Plus we will send current hi® customers in the United States the new percussive head cover set for just $6.95 which is our cost of shipping & handling.  Please note that if the USPS required us to use parcel post mail vs First Class Mail, so we had to increase our rate from $4.95 to $6.95.

We will be sending the new head covers to our UK/EU distribution center in February as soon as the next run is complete. We’ll let you know what the shipping cost will be from there as soon as we find out.

Plus as soon as our Australian distribution partner is ready we’ll have options there!  Thank you all for your feedback on this. It took a while to come up with a solution but it’s here now!

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