Benefits of orgasm

Having an active intimate life is an important part of overall wellness for women. Each day more research is presented supporting the importance regular intimate stimulation and orgasm. “hi” allows women to achieve intense sensual stimulation and typically orgasm easily and reliably. It is designed to be used fully clothed and also is used for abdominal stimulation to help relax during PMS and possibly relax for certain menopause symptoms.

“hi” also allows women to benefit from its massage in a different context. Since they remain clothed they can hopefully side step any stigmas or possible feelings of embarrassment some cultures have associated with intimate stimulation. It allows couples to have a safe, but highly effective method of foreplay. This also frees up the woman’s partner to be able to focus on kissing and intimacy. For women with body image challenges, it allows them to “get in the mood” before getting undressed. Once men realize that “hi” gives them a new way to take care of your needs, and you will likely desire them even more strongly afterwards, they quickly appreciate it.

Earlier studies indicated that up to 43% of women have less than optimal well being, and often experience challenges in this area. [1] In the past few years, there has been an increased awareness in the medical community regarding the importance of sexual well being for women’s health.  [27] [38] As well the importance of health care providers more openly discussing sexuality with patients has become evident. [2] This increased acceptance in talking about women’s sexual health opens the door to a great deal of important research.  These include:

1) Migraine Headache Relief:  First characterized in the 1990’s by James R. Couch, M.D., Ph.D. During that time Dr. Couch was the Chairman of the Department of Neurology and Residency Program Director at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. He observed that for many women suffering from migraine, particularly menstrual migraine, being able to experience orgasm often either completely halted the headache, or greatly reduced it. [9] More recently, larger studies have repeated this work. [8] [10].

2) Stress and urge urinary incontinence (significant need as this currently represents >$40B annual US/EU market [10] [11]– similar size for China [13] ) One study indicated benefit from pelvic floor exercises [12]. Another study showed dramatic improvement from vibrational therapy. [41] We propose combining this exercise with regular stimulation. The rational is both for possible direct benefit of stimulation and creating a ritual that might increase long term compliance. A protocol for using this technology for possibly helping with urinary incontinence is defined on line: [00105] of the following patent [18].

3) Vulvodynia (significant need as the currently represents a US market size the has been estimated to range from $31-72B annually [14] ) One study of vibrational therapy for this condition has shown some benefit [15] This study appears to focus on vulva stimulation alone. Our approach includes using multiple regions related to stimulation, but not initially directly on areas that might be painful. Similar physical therapy approaches have been reported to appear to be successful using manual stimulation of women’s abdominal and pelvic areas. [30]

4) Premenstrual Syndrome and premenstrual dysphoria – One study found that 9% of ~1,900 U.S. women who reported masturbating in the previous 3 months cited relief of menstrual cramps. [26] [27] A protocol for using this technology for possibly helping with PMS / PMD is defined on line: [00116] of the following patent [18].

5) Menopausal symptoms – Prior studies have shown multiple benefits of orgasm for menopause. [27] [36] A protocol for possibly helping with menopausal symptoms is defined on line: [00117] of the following patent [18].

6) Fertility enhancement – Prior studies have shown the benefit of orgasm for women [27] [28] as well that physical therapy for pelvic manipulation has shown a positive outcome for increasing clearance in fallopian tubes, as well as general outcomes. [23] [32] [35] A protocol for possibly helping with fertility enhancement using mechanical stimulation from the device is defined on line: [00112] of the following patent [18].

7) Endometriosis – (significant need as this currently represents >$22B annual US/EU market [33]Studies have indicated that manual pelvic and abdominal massage therapy on dysmenorrhea caused by endometriosis can cause reduction in patient pain. [34] [39] [40]

8) Interstitial cystitis – Physical therapy approaches similar to those for urinary incontinence, as well as Intravaginal Thiele myofascial massage have been explored. [29] A protocol similar to this for possibly helping with interstitial cystitis is defined on line: [00110] of the following patent [18].

9) Pain and related symptoms resulting from, or related to C-section or similar pelvic or abdominal surgery adhesions (currently represents a need based on annual > $1.3B US market [16] ) Various studies have shown benefit from manual physical therapy for the abdominal and pelvic areas. [31] [37]

10) Female Sexual Arousal Dysfunction – Past studies have indicated that sexual dysfunction is prevalent for up to 43% of women. [1] Reviews of studies have indicated manual physical therapy can be of benefit. [36] A protocol for possibly helping with FSAD is defined on line: [00118] & [0032]–[0035] of the following patent [18].

11) Recent studies that surveyed women’s sexual interest on a daily basis while collecting saliva samples to measure various hormones, etc., found very interesting results [16]. If saliva samples should be taken during this study, the impact of regular orgasm could be mapped to the above comparison as well. To our knowledge no studies have been conducted in this area and many new insights could be gained.

12) Sleep quality- related to orgasm frequency and sexual wellness. Prior studies indicate orgasm is beneficial in improving sleep quality, however they rely primarily on surveys. [24] One study found that 32% of 1,866 U.S. women who reported masturbating in the previous 3 months did so to help go to sleep. [26] Real time studies could be conducted using online and phone APP surveys in conjunction with the device and wireless pedometers, etc.

13) Depression and stress management related to orgasm frequency and sexual wellness. Several studies have found a correlation to sexual fulfillment and less depression, etc. [25] One study of 2,632 U.S. women found that 39 % of those who masturbated reported doing so to relax. [26] This could be confirmed in using real time observation, and correlation to menstrual cycles, etc., instead of surveys of past behavior.


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