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"hi" full body massager

What is hi®?

hi® is a personal massage system that combines percussion and vibration in a new way.  It’s percussion is designed in a unique way to easily penetrate through clothing into tired muscles.  It’s vibration guide ranges from mild to intense.  hi® can be used by women and men.  But it also has a unique patented way of stimulating women like they’ve never experienced before.

Women and Men love it because it feels amazing.  Plus many say it gives them the most intense orgasms they’ve ever experienced in their lives…while causing many women to strongly desire being with their partner afterwards.

hi® goes beyond just being a massager – it comes with 3 easy to learn programs that can enhance your life.

hi® features


Decide what intensity is right for you with 7 adjustable power levels. Start out lighter and adjust based on your comfort levels.


Dual stimulation heads that work together so that you can use on any part of the body and relax, fully-clothed.


hi® is the first product since the Hitachi magic wand to be endorsed by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and the American College of Sexologists, as well as numerous gynecologists, sex therapists, Tantra Instructors and others.


Easy to hold and handle as you massage any part of your body. Whether it be a headache you’re trying relieve or PMS cramps.


Take it wherever you go with US and EU outlet options. Traveling can be stressful, why not take it wherever you go?


Revolutionary stimulation method for overall well being that gives a relaxing abdominal and pelvic massage, fully clothed.

hi® bridges the gap between stress and the bedroom.

After a long day. . . hi® helps you relax

and get in the mood

in a way that works for you

Learn how you can get hi® as soon as it’s launched.

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Women use hi® to relax when dealing with daily stress, PMS, headaches, sore muscles, etc.

Relax after a stressful day

Recover from leg workouts

Relax during PMS


hi® works through many pads & most clothing

TOTALLY reset your day - any time - fully clothed


Meet your new “coffee break”

Relax your pelvic floor


Many women deal with pelvic floor (pubococcygeus muscle) tension.  hi® vigorously massages this area, and feels amazing.

Due to the pressures of our fast-paced lifestyles, most women don’t achieve orgasm as frequently as they need to for optimal health – with hi® they can.

The hi® has your back, and everything else.


An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.

Give your partner new ways to take care of you


Discover experiences you’ve never felt before.

hi® is the first *power tool* for the bedroom, the kitchen, the office...

Need to relax right now?

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​* Please note that hi®  is solely for relaxation and wellness purposes. It is a unique patented combination of massage devices that have been used by the public for decades. hi® has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No medical claims are being made. The hi® product, and or any statements made by this site as well as any associated video, audio, or written content therein, are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.  hi® and its related training programs are not intended as medical advice, or to replace the guidance from a qualified health care professional. This site and all associated content, and products are intended to help share knowledge about wellness and relaxation approaches. Visitors and customers with any medical or health-related concerns are encouraged to contact a qualified health care professional.

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The method and related devices used by hi® are patented in the United States and Australia, and patent-pending in Canada and the European Union.

**Note: Viagra® is a registered trademark of Pfizer, Inc. and is in not affiliated with Women and Couples Wellness, LLC

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